5 ideas for using reclaimed timber in your home

Reclaimed timber is an extremely versatile, natural material with many benefits besides its good looks. Before it came to be a home and furniture building supply, this organic substance was supplying the world with oxygen. In fresh and innovative ways, why not let it breathe new life into your home interior?

Recycled and sustainable elements in building or decorating reduce waste and are better for the environment. Aged wood possesses a warmth and depth.  Earthy hues, naturally occurring variations in textures and grains provide interest and feel good to be around.

Man-made materials feature predominantly in construction today. With less of it in use, we can choose to feature it indoors. Adding weathered and natural fibres to your home balances out the interior. In new and older style homes alike, irregular edges and tones provide a striking counterpoint to perfectly straight lines, surfaces and solid colours.

With every finish available from ruggedly rustic and rough, to modern, smooth and glossy there’s a choice likely to suit every taste or project need.

Durable and long lasting, how many building materials can say they look fabulous at one hundred? Recycled timber has a unique quality to it that makes it intriguing. It has a character and history than can improve with age and wear.

1. Floor

As a flooring choice it’s a warmer, softer surface to tread compared with polished concrete and ceramic tiling. And (as with timber on your walls) can offer acoustic benefits by softening sound bounce. Yet it can still offer quite a number of design or pattern options.

reclaimed timber flooring

Image via: quick step


2. DIY Reclaimed Timber Furniture and Homeware

There are countless ideas for upcycled homewares and DIY projects. The abundance of images and instructional tutorials online are so inspiring- find your crafty side and have your own one of a kind piece. From coffee tables to shelving, planters to desks, there’s something waiting to be made for any part of your home, inside or out.

reclaimed wood pallet coffee table

Image via: hometone

3.  Feature Wall

As striking as any art piece, a feature wall of undulating grainy blocks in inviting hues can enhance any room with a unique addition.

Renaza Reclaimed Timber Tiles

Renaza reclaimed timber tiles add warmth and depth to this bathroom


4  Upcycled Headboard

This repurposed bedsuite is made from old Queenslander weatherboard houses. The headboard retaining some of the original, washed out paintwork and the side tables inspired my midcentury Danish design.

upcycled headboard, reclaimed timber bedroom suite
Image via: Raw Sunshine Coast 

5.  Outdoor Planter Boxes

Great for a corner of your yard, even smaller outdoor spaces can be used for planting and gardening with wisely placed planter boxes. Flowers, herbs, even small vege patches can be grown above ground in a paved courtyard with a reclaimed timber planter box.

reclaimed timber planter boxes

Image via: kropf 


There are so many ways reclaimed and recycled timber can bring benefits to your home life and the look of your home. Where would you start?