Ideas for creating a feature wall in your home

A quick and easy way to make a statement within your home is through creating a feature wall. A feature wall (or accent wall) can help to define an area in a multi-use space (think your corner study nook), create a certain mood or bring a different energy to a room. When evolving ideas for a feature wall, it’s important to consider location, texture, character, lighting, colour and of course cost.

Here’s some ingenious ideas for creating a feature wall in your home that brings with it a certain ‘wow factor’ – most of which you can do yourself.

Painted feature walls

Giving a wall a bold lick of paint is arguably one of the simplest, most popular and cost-effective way of creating a feature wall in your home. The most difficult part of creating this type of feature wall is selecting the colour. Darker colours tend to bring more drama to a room whereas lighter colours bring an airiness to a space.

painted feature wall
Image via: Inspirations Paint

Recycled feature walls

Creating a sense of character in a room via a feature wall doesn’t necessarily mean having to buy your paints and wallpapers commercially. This gorgeous feature wall in a home in Western Australia was created when the Etica Studio Designer Carla Karsakis and her hubby┬ádiscovered old newspapers under the lino of their cottage during a renovation. They recycled the 1950’s newspapers and used them as a feature wall as a living memory of the history of their home. Gorgeous!

Eclectic Bathroom by Perth Interior Designers & Decorators Etica Studio

Textured feature walls

Feature walls that use texture as a design element are becoming more and more popular and bring a particular kinesthetic feel to your home. Texture can be developed with paints, wallpapers or more authentically via natural products. Feature wall panels and tiles can be easily installed to create the look you’re after. The Renaza reclaimed timber tile feature wall below is a great example of bringing drama, mood and texture to a room using natural reclaimed timber products.

Bella lujo Renaza timber feature wall
Our Renaza reclaimed timber feature tiles bring warmth, add mood and make a bold statement.

Wallpaper feature walls

Another way of bringing patterns, colours and even textures to your feature wall can be created with good quality wallpaper. Whilst a striped feature wall tends to make a bold statement, as in the image below, the right colours, decor, trimmings and accessories compliments the space and brings the whole area together beautifully.

striped feature wall
Image via: decorpad

Wall Decals

Never underestimate the power of decent wall decals (especially for kids’ spaces). Not only can they freshen up a room, they can be easily removed or replaced as your mood changes or as below – when your little one grows out of his Batman phase.

Batman wallpaper feature wall
Image via: Vivid Wall Decals Australia

A feature wall in your home is a great way of accenting that space and generating a certain energy within it – the type, color, texture and style of your feature wall……well that’s limited only by your imagination.

Do you have a feature wall in your home?