Updating your kitchen on a budget

As the central hub of your house, you want your kitchen to scream life, energy and vibrance. But because it’s one of the most used rooms in the house (apart from the toilet), the kitchen tends to start showing the effects of wear and tear a lot sooner than other areas of the home. And when we’re talking kitchen renovation, you can see the dollar signs sprouting from a mile away. But the truth is, you can still update your kitchen with a small budget. It takes a bit of creativity, planning and a little elbow grease on your part, but it’s definitely doable.

Here’s some ideas for updating your kitchen without having to remortgage your house to do it:

Do your research

If you have to replace fixtures and fittings, do your research online before you hit the pavement. You might be surprised how much you save by shopping online versus in store.


There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to lift and revitalise a room for the least amount of money. And don’t just think wall paint, with careful preparation (and the right surfaces) you can paint benchtops and cabinetry. Even floors.

white timber floors kitchen

Even timber floors can be given a spruce up.
Image via: jelly bella


Replacing cabinetry in a kitchen comes at an expense. It’s  definitely worth it if you have the budget, but if you don’t there are other things you can do to uplift your kitchen cupboards. As mentioned above, a lick of paint or a spread of varnish will give your cupboards new life. Also replacing handles, knobs and hinges refreshes the look and feel of your kitchen.


Under Bench Features

A popular addition to contemporary kitchens, under bench features provide a fabulous accent to a kitchen. It’s an opportunity to add contrast, colour and texture to your culinary space. This one is made with Renaza reclaimed timber tiles and  the addition of underbench lighting really sets off the warmth of the 100 year old reclaimed timber.

Renaza underbench feature

Renaza reclaimed timber tiles set off the under bench of this kitchen.

Taps and basins

Replacing your kitchen basin doesn’t necessarily fit into everyone’s budget but something as simple as updating the kitchen tap can be the next best option. Select a tap that flows with (no pun intended) and compliments the look of your kitchen.

Accessories and appliances

Never underestimate the power of kitchen accessories. Updating tea towels and benchtop accessories are a great way of putting ‘pop’ into your kitchen. Decorative cutting boards, plants, art features, bold coloured bench-appliances and window accessories are great ways to add style and update  your kitchen.

The simple accessories within the below cottage kitchen gives is a beautiful ‘homey’ feel. The ‘Home’ sign and vintage accessories along the window sill coupled with the classic, elegant countertop displays accent this kitchen beautifully.

cottage kitchen

Image via BHG

Lighting and Accents

If your lighting and switches are more than 10 years old, chances are it’s time to replace them anyway. When  revamping your kitchen lighting it’s important to consider functionality as well as style. Kitchens generally need a good mix of quality light and ambiance with work areas are well lit and shadows are minimised.

chandeleir in kitchen

Image via: BHG

Install dimmers wherever you’re trying to create mood in your kitchen like dining spots if you have an eat-in kitchen.

Luminosa glass light switches

Glass light switches and dimmers at a touch of elegance and class to the kitchen. These ones are from the Luminosa range.

It’s easy to spend a fortune when it comes to updating your kitchen but the reality is, you really don’t  need to. Take the time to plan the look and style you want as well as to do your research then make the changes that give you the kitchen you want without breaking the bank.

What’s one thing you love (or would love to change) about your kitchen?