Why Bella Lujo?

Bella Lujo is a premium supplier of luxury décor fixtures and finishes. We offer a wide range of modern, affordable lighting accessories and reclaimed timber tiles, that bring residential and commercial projects to life.

At Bella Lujo our mission is to combine functionality with beauty, allowing you to take the finer details of your environment and lavish a little luxury upon them, creating an ambience of exclusivity that is affordable.

Now the everyday doesn’t have to be mundane – let your personal style reflect the little details with our range of light switches, lighting accessories and reclaimed timber tiles.

Lighting accessories for all décors and tastes

Luminosa’s luxurious light switch ranges – Vetro and Argento – enrich even the most exclusive of environments and include power points, dimmers and fan controllers. The Vetro range is a premier selection of sleek, streamlined glass switches, while the Argento range features a chic, brushed aluminium finish. Both styles make a stunning statement in any modern build or retrofit.

Luminosa’s light switch, fan controller and power point ranges are created from superior quality materials, finished to the highest standard and are truly beautiful in their simplicity. Best of all, we strive to bring you the latest in affordable, luxurious lighting accessories. Discover the Luminosa range of light switches and accessories now.

Reclaimed Timber styling that bring any space to life

Renaza timber tiles are a unique way to bring the warmth and spirit of wood to any high end residential or commercial project. More than a century in the making, each timber tile is crafted from reclaimed boat hardwood, steeping the tiles in history and shaping their elegant, individual character.

From honest and rustic to refined and chic, the Renaza recycled tile range is sustainable, stunning and affordable. Use them on walls, ceilings, in commercial foyers, or as a statement shop-front finish. The possibilities are endless and the character of the tiles inimitable. Discover the full Renaza range of timber mosaic tiles now.

First class service

Our personal attention is at your disposal and we are always listening. If you’d like to contact us, please do – we are happy to answer any questions or queries you have.

Enhance your home with Bella Lujo’s Luminosa and Renaza ranges today.
Beauty is in the details.