Taking your man cave from shed to ‘shed yeah!’

Ah the man cave- it’s every man and woman’s dream. Her’s because she doesn’t have to look at feature walls of sports players she is forced to know the names of, and his, because, let’s face it – who doesn’t want some space of their own?

We’ve put together some of the necessary (as well as some of the more quirky) features to take your man cave from just plan shed, to ‘shed-yeah!'(no matter what your style)

The Gamer’s Man Cave

We get it, even if your missus doesn’t. Sometimes you need to be able to spend all night playing video games and eating chips, and not sleeping until it’s absolutely necessary. Of course try that in your lounge room and see how far you get.

Now obviously the Gamer’s Man Cave is going to have more than one computer screen, a brilliant wi-fi connection and enough power points to host a LAN that would need an invite list and a bouncer, but decorating is all about the finer features.

This old-school Nintendo controller-shaped coffee table is the ultimate place to store your drinks, and nibbles, not to mention that with the glass off, it’s fully functional. Never has defeating Bowser been so much fun.

Nintendo coffee table

Image via: Etsy

Speaking of controllers, no doubt you’ve got some old, less than functional ones lying about. How about taking them apart to create this funky piece of wall art; cheap, clever and all up-cycled.

game controllers display

Image via: Nerd Ahora

Seating is of course important, and why not set the mood with your chairs of choice? These fun coloured pod-chairs meant there’s plenty of room for everyone to join in, for as many millennia as you’re planning on playing.

gamer pod chairs
Image via: Manteresting

The Geek’s Man Cave

Following on from the Gamer, if you’re the kind of guy who would gladly hang out with Leonard and Sheldon and talk about the latest Star Trek episode, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Now obviously it’s going to depend on where you’re geeky interests lie, but old school to new, there’s something out there for everyone.

No one will ever go thirsty with this Darth Vader beer fridge:

Darth Vader bar fridge

Image via: Gizmos and Gadgets

Gateway to the magical world of Narnia?
Or the storage place of vintage comic books? This one is up to you. (If you can actually make travel to Narnia possible that is.)

narnia doors

Image via: Nerd Ahora

A man cave isn’t complete without man’s best friend, and for the Star Trek loving pooch, what better way to chill out than with his or her own Star Trek dog bed?

star trek dog bedImage via: Trend Hunter

And finally, because we’ve all been lost at some point watching Game of Thrones, this is the geek’s ultimate way to stay up to date: The Game of Thrones Coffee Table. The perfect place to put your cup of Dornish wine. Added bonus, this is another DIY.

game of thrones table

Image via: Daily Dot

The Wine/Beer/Spirit Lover’s Man Cave

Of course most man caves are going to come equipped with a bar of some description, but perhaps you’re the kind of bloke who really enjoys sitting down with a mate and discussing vintages and brewing processes. Maybe you even dabble it in yourself?

What better way to aid that passion, than with a classic gentleman’s retreat?

No man cave in my opinion, would be complete without a barrel, less so a wine-lovers one. They bring a bit of atmosphere, are easy to repurpose and add a touch of class.

wine barrel cabinet

Image via: Orvis

Of course it’s not just wine barrels, old beer keg’s can also be reused to make fun and innovative light fittings.

beer keg light fittings
Image via: Buzzfeed

The stand out feature of a wine-lovers man cave is always going to be the bar, and there is an option to suit everyone, whether you’re aiming for classy sophistication or rustic charm.

man cave bar Image via: Decor Pad

And what better way to pack a punch when you walk into a man cave than adding a rustic living feature wall to your blokes’ abode:

renaza timber tiles
Renaza timber feature tiles by Bella Lujo

The Sport Lover’s Man Cave.

Regardless of whether it’s rugby, soccer or AFL, if you’ve got a team, no doubt you’ve got a passion as well as a whole lot of merchandise, and we’ve got some ideas to help you enjoy them both.

First things first though; this will be the place from where all future grand finals will be watched, so the setting has to be just right.

This might do.

sports home theatre

Image via: HGTV

There will need to be drinks on tap, and what better way than a drink cave inside a man cave? It’s guaranteed to keep winners happy and losers content, at the very least.

drink cave man cave
Image via: Dwell well online

And of course no sports lover’s Man Cave would be complete without framed, signed jerseys from those all-important sports heroes. The bragging rights alone make it worth it.

framed sport jersey

Image via: Blinds for sliding door

So there you have it: some tips for taking every kind of man cave from just plain old shed to ‘shed yeah’!! 


What sort of man cave would you pick (or do you already have one)?